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Introduction of Chirgaon Town

राव मूरत सिंह जू देव (दाऊ साहब)
(आजादी के बाद चिरगांव के प्रथम राजा )

राष्ट्रकवि डॉ. मैथिलीशरण गुप्त (१८८५ - १९६४)



As of 2001 India census, Chirgaon had a population of 14,105. Males constitute 53% of the population and females 47%. Chirgaon has an average literacy rate of 67%, higher than the national average of 59.5%; with male literacy of 75% and female literacy of 59%. 14% of the population is under 6 years of age.


Ø Road

Chirgaon is well connected by Indian National Highway 25 with Jhansi and Kanpur. It is also connected with Madhya Pradesh by state highway no. 45.

Ø Railways

Chirgaon is served by a station on the Electronic Indian Railways network. Chirgaon Railway Station (Station Code: CGN) is operated by ZONE- North Central Railway & DIVISION- Jhansi Jn. .

Name of Trains that pass through Chirgaon:

1.     Lucknow-Jhansi Passenger (Between Lucknow/LKO and Jhansi /JHS)

2.     Sabarmati Express (Between Darbhanga /DBG and Ahmedabad /ADI)

3.     Kushinagar Express (Between Gorakhpur /GKP and Lokmanya Tilak Terminus/LTT (Mumbai) )

4.     Lucknow-Jhansi InterCity Express (Between Lucknow/LKO and Jhansi /JHS )

5.     Kanpur-Jhansi Passenger (Between and Kanpur Central/CNB and Jhansi /JHS)

6.     Gwalior Mail (Between Barauni /BJU and Gwalior /GWL)

7.     Sabarmati Express (Between Varanasi/SBS and Ahmedabad /ADI)

1.     Jhansi-Lucknow Passenger (Between Jhansi /JHS and Lucknow/LKO)

2.     Sabarmati Express (Between Ahmedabad /ADI and Darbhanga /DBG)

3.     Kushinagar Express (Between Lokmanya Tilak Terminus/LTT (Mumbai)      and Gorakhpur /GKP)

4.     Jhansi-Lucknow InterCity Express (Between Jhansi /JHS and Lucknow/LKO)

5.     Jhansi-Kanpur Passenger (Between Jhansi /JHS and Kanpur Central/CNB)

6.     Gwalior Mail (Between Gwalior /GWL and Barauni /BJU)

7.     Sabarmati Express (Between Ahmedabad /ADI and BSB/Varanasi )

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Ø Airport

The nearest airport from Chirgaon is Gwalior Airport in Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh) . Gwalior Airport (IATA Code: GWL, ICAO Code: VIGR), also known as Rajmata Vijyaraje Scindia Vimantal, is about 130 km from Chirgaon. Gwalior is connected to Delhi,Mumbai and Jabalpur regularly by Air India. Gwalior also has a big airforce station. More Flights for major destinations like Bangalore, Chennai,Kolkata and Jaipur are expected to start soon.


Chirgaon recently got one Degree college named "R.M.S.G. Mahavidyalaya" which offers several degree courses. It is affiliated from Bundelkhand University, Jhansi. Chirgaon has an Agricultural college. It has three Inter college and 4 high schools and several primary schools are in the public service. Main schools in the town are-

v Sardar Patel Inter college.

v Saraswati Vidhya Mandir Inter College.

v Rajmata Ladaidulaiya Inter college.

v Saraswati Shishu Mandir.

v Bal Mandir High School.

v Rastrakavi Mathili Saran Gupta High School.

v C.L.S. Inter College.

Shanti Devi Vidhya Mandir is the most reputed primary school in the town.

Despite being in the hinterland and being neglected by the national and state governments, Chirgaon has given a lot of good engineers, doctors & administrators who have served the nation and the world in their respective capacities.

Health Care :

Chirgaon is served by a Primary Health care center of state government, where a team of general physician and specialist available for taking care of local and nearby patients. Private practices of Doctors are also there in the service. Several licensed Medicine stores are there, where you get all kind of medicines including Ayurveda medicines. Toppest doctors of Chirgaon is-

Dr. Uttam Chandra Jain, Dr. Umashankar Sahariya, Dr. O.P. Chaturvedi, Dr. Vivek Rajpoot, Dr. Subodh Pandey, Dr. Virendra Mohan Rai, Dr. Rajesh Singh (M.B.B.S.), Dr. Sana Ulla Khan (B.A.M.S.), Dr. Vinod Viswari (B.A.M.S.), Dr. Ravindra Dubey (B.A.M.S.) and Dr. Chand Singh.

Banks :

Chirgaon has a branch of State Bank Of India ( Branch code=7831), Branch of Central Bank of India, Sarva U.P. Gramin Bank, Punjab National Bank, Bank Of India, Jila Sehkari Bank. There is one automated teller machine (ATM) in the city.

Places of Interest :

Chirgaon has many Places of interest. Some Places of interest in Chirgaon are :

v SHIVA-SAI Temple

v Shree Hanuman Vatika

v Parichha Dam

v Gayatri Temple

Business/Industry :

Chirgaon and nearby areas are mainly dependent on agriculture business. There is no Industry in and around Chirgaon and hence growth of area is also dead. Most of the people involved in the agriculture industry are illiterate. And they handle their crops unscientifically and do net get much return on their investment and labors and hence most of them are in hand to mouth situation always. In Chirgaon are not a big industrial area in the middle of Chirgaon a very big Bidi's very progressive.

Chirgaon and surrounding area are highly neglected by Central and State Government for any development initiative in the field of business or industrial growth of area.


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